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Are hands clenched together,
Dark clouds filled the sky,
Thunder roared deafingily,
He turned his angelic face towards me,
His eyes not focused on mine and glistening with uncertanty,
"Whats wrong?" I asked with confusion,
He exhaled strongly,
Then the frigid rain found its way to the ground,
"I love you," he said with a velvety voice
As rain poured down on us,
His lips touched mine with power,
"I've always wanted to be kissed in the rain" I said,
He looked down at me and saw through my eyes,
"I love-"
"I know you do" he finished my sentence,
Then he kissed me again,
With no regret, passion, sincerity and most of all, love.
Im inspired by many thing but this was just very random and not really inspired by anything... Sorry for any spelling mistakes I had. Im guilty. But yuppers... I hope you have comments for me!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^
HonestAnxiety Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
Awww that really romantic :love: Just about any girls dream ^^
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